Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Group #9
    After spending three and three-quarters hours wandering through the maze of the Ministry with several cramped lift rides (at least one having been uncomfortably haunted by a grumpy and blood purist old ghost), you have been given your supplies and map stuffed into a grey knapsack. If you are the first group member, you have also been given the responsibility of caring for a Ministry owl and are told to keep it with you at all times - you don't need to worry about feeding it, as it can hunt for itself. Then, you are shown the door and instructed to meet with your group members at a designated spot. You are also issued a harsh reminder of the consequences of being a deserter before you're shoved out into the spring's early morning sunlight.

    The adventure has begun.

    You have been informed that your group members are:

    Eric Dudley, 17, 6th year Hufflepuff
    Olive Lovegood, 17, Student, Upper class
    Archie Fraser, 23, Auror, Upper
    Odira Browne, 17, Ravenclaw Prefect, Middle Class
    Alexander Grayson, 27, Auror, Middle class
    Viola Prince, 19, Wizzhard Books' Employee, Middle Class

    You introduce yourselves, review your maps, and then must come to a decision of which direction you need to start in.

    Which part of Hogsmeade do you disembark from?
    a. West Slums
    b. East Slums
    c. South Slums

    1.) Have your character introduce themselves. Mention in their post (doesn't have to spoken aloud) what else, if anything, they have brought with them. If it isn't mentioned here, then they won't have it later on in the trail unless it is found/made. Those who post first will be assumed to have spoken first.

    2.) Assume all introductions have been made and then have them choose a direction/remain neutral. Points 1 and 2 should both be included in your character's first post.

    3.) If the group comes to a decision before the round ends, you can have your group head in that direction. (Decisions will be made when all characters have had a turn to state their choice or the three days are up. Special instances are allowed and must be discussed with Lola.)

    Round 2 begins May 19th

    in the great wide somewhere

    Odira knew that she had no place being excited. This expedition was not a holiday, nor was it by any measure able to be considered safe. She had wound up drafted by a cruel twist in fate, and as a sixth year student, as a woman, the Ravenclaw was not at all prepared for the task that lay ahead of her. She had neither the exploratory training, nor the robust physique, for such a journey, and both facts, she knew, might contribute to her injury, maiming, or death. If Gideon had been placed in her group, perhaps they might have kept an eye on one another, but that was not the case.

    This did not, however, stop the prefect from struggling to keep a grin from forming upon her face as the Ministry worker explained what was to happen. It was an adventure, a break from the normal day-to-day drudgery. Though her practical nature knew that this could go very, very badly, she could not help but see, and cling to, the romantic nature of it allùthe danger, the discovery; it was like something out of a novel! Not something by Austen, of course, but something bigger. The internal conflict saw the girl try to rationalize her excitement, with little success. The best motivation Odira could come up with thus far is that the money and the income the land would provide her would allow her greater freedom when she finished school, though it was not a freedom she particularly needed.

    No; as much as her practical side was loathe to admit, she was excited simply because it was an adventure, and that was a fact she would never voice allowed.

    The witch packed the supplies that the Ministry had provided into her bag, alongside some changes of clothes, some books (not, unfortunately, fun ones; she had thought books on edible plants, medicinal herbs, and a book on magical creatures borrowed from one of the third years would be of more use) and basic toiletries. With that, it was only a matter of meeting her group. "My name is Odira Browne," she offered cheerfully, though the introduction was rather unnecessary. Mr. Dudley was in her year, Miss Olive Lovegood in her house, and Miss Prince had been a Ravenclaw only two years her senior. It was only the men who were strangers to her, though the fact that both were aurors was one she found quite comforting.

    On that score, she bowed out of deciding from where they would set off. Surely the aurors were much better versed in the area surrounding the village than she herself, and could so make a better decision.

    Group #9 û 445 Words û Let's go!
    template coded by always and forever of atf

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    Olive Lovegood was happy enough. She was neither pleased nor displeased with the turn of events that had landed her in the Hogsmeade trailing adventure thing as she liked to call it. It amused her, however, that all the Lovegood's of age û even Jian Min û were drafted for this event. She wished she could have been in a group with at least one of them, but she wasn't too bothered that she wasn't. Odira Browne was in her group, a familiar face as was Eric Dudley. She'd never spoken to him, but she knew his name.

    Rocking on her heels as she listened to the ministry workers telling them about their soon to be expedition, she grinned merrily. Or perhaps stupidly. Now that she thought about it, it was all rather exciting. A nice adventure. She did so love adventures. Though usually it was reading about them rather than living them. She clutched her book of fairytales close to her chest as she listened intently.

    When they were all done, it was time for introductions. She listened as Odira introduced herself. "Oh hello Odira!" She exclaimed as soon as the introduction left the girls mouth. "Isn't this so exciting?" she asked, forgetting about the presence of the others. After a moments silence she exclaimed "oh" and gave a slight curtsy. "I'm Olive Lovegood. And I think we should go west." She smiled at everyone. When there was no response, she held her pointer finger up and made it do a dance as she said "West is best!" in a sing song voice.

    That was truly the only reason she had for her choice. There was no logic behind it, but then again Olive wasn't the most logical being you would encounter. She picked up her bag with a change of clothes from the ground at her feet and stuffed her book into it. She had only the most miniscule of dresses in there, most wholly inappropriate for a girl of her stature, but she cared little. This was an adventure, and there was no room for the bustled gowns she was usually dressed in.

    Tag: Trailers | Words: 354 | Notes:

    Viola had been aghast when she received an owl with a letter bearing the seal of the Ministry upon its seal. Of course, she was aware that the sudden change in events of the Hogmseade Trail was allowing women to take part in the journey (many against their own desires, of course), but the letter had most certainly caught her and Great-Aunt Dosia by surprise. Aunt Dosia had been so furious with the Ministry for drafting her great-niece that she nearly sent a strongly worded letter to Minister Potter before Viola restrained her from doing so with the assertion that if she did not participate, their lives would be at stake. Aunt Dosia, ever a supporter of keeping herself and others from harm's way, immediately burned the letter and began assisting Viola in preparing for the inevitable journey.

    For the two weeks before the expedition would take place, Viola practiced verbal and nonverbal protection and defense spells should she or one of her group members become caught in a compromising or dangerous situation. Of course, Viola already knew and excelled at most of the spells she had practiced during her school years, but she and Aunt Dosia came to the simultaneous conclusion that practice makes perfect. Viola even began studying the different plants, insects, and animals that were edible and how she should skin and prepare them for food. She had a tailor create her dresses according to her description of being out of doors most of the time, but while the material of her gowns were created to fend off the stifling hot or the frigid cold, she had neglected to mention waterproof to the seamstress and had to resort to charming her gowns to soak up the rain water should it began to drizzle (if it were pouring, the charm would be useless).

    Nonetheless, despite being drafted against her wishes (she'd much rather be spending her summers with her siblings rather than camp out somewhere in the woods in search of new land to expand Hogsmeade), Viola felt as prepared as she could desire to be in the type of circumstances she found herself in, and even felt prepared enough that she should feel slightly confident of her survival throughout the ordeal. Sighing, Viola observed the people she who would be in her presence the majority of the time, and came to the conclusion that, despite Miss Lovegood seeming a tad dim and the majority of the members (including herself) were particularly young, her overall group was quite satisfactory. She was even more relieved to acknowledge the fact that two Aurors were part of her group. Appeasing, indeed,, Viola mentally thought to herself as she patted her small purse that was charmed to hold as much as it dared, big or small without it becoming dreadfully heavy. The contents of the small purse were her journal along with the pieces of parchment given to her by the Ministry, extra quills, books upon the subject of Herbology and Care of the Magical Creatures (it cannot hurt to be aware of the different species in the words and to be prepared when a group member becomes ill or injured), an extra blanket that can fend off the cold at night, fruit (oranges, bananas, strawberries, grapes, and apples) at Aunt Dosia's insistence, a small and portable mirror to gaze at her reflection in the mornings to prepare herself for the day, bobby pins and berets for her hair, and the aforementioned tailored gowns, undergarments, and boots created specifically for the expedition.

    Clearing her throat to indicate that she would desire to be next, Viola rose gracefully and said, "Good morning ladies and gentleman. I am Viola Prince. Though I am not asàkeen on venturing out into the unknown, I fully intend to assist in seeing our group safely home." Looking about her surroundings for a moment, deciphering which direction to head towards, Viola continued, "I believe heading south towards the mountains should be our first course of action." Turning towards the male Aurors, she said, "Gentleman, as you have more than likely dealt with choosing a direction, what are your inputs?"

    tag: Group #9 | outfit: here | notes: none

    made by Emily exclusively for Charming
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    Aurors in their group looked like teachers looking after group of students. Well, there was bit of truth in there, because Eric found out that there were three students from his year. For him it was an exciting challenge, but for the girls he couldnt think how they all could feel at this moment. But they were perfectly safe with aid of two aurors.

    Eric was excited of this expedition. Travelling and discovering was something that he wanted to do all his life. Now he could prove himself that he is able to do so in the future. Im Eric Dudley he introduced himself to those that didnt know him. He smiled to Odira and Olive as if he wanted to cheer them up, however it was pointless regarding Olive: she was excited as much as Eric was. I think that we should chose south-west direction, because actually nobody chose it. We can decide later which exactly direction suits us.
    (Coin flip says West)

    You spend all day traveling west and see nothing but miles and miles of forest - completely unchanging. It seems as if this might not be the way... or something might jump out and surprise you if you continue. By mid-afternoon, your group needs to come to a decision. Do you continue with where you're headed or do you turn back and choose a different direction?

    What do you choose?
    a. Keep going
    b. Turn back

    1.) Have your character vote which route they are to take.

    Round 3 begins May 23rd

    in the great wide somewhere

    Thus far, the group had had little luck.

    The scenery had varied little since their departure, and the adventure had quickly turned to a measure of tedium as a result. Only the inherent risk that the forest provided gave the group any sense that this was more than a walkùa forced march, really, given the necessity to keep movingùand Odira was already beginning to wonder if she hadn't been sillier than she had initially thought, looking forward to such a venture. Eventually, the prefect stopped walking, glancing around to see if there was anything to be gained from continuing further. "We seem to be getting nowhere," the Ravenclaw sighed.

    Odira was loathe to retrace their steps only to go off on another route altogether; it would be an utter waste of the day, and tiring besides. Nonetheless, she was wary to go forwardùwhat if the night fell and they couldn't find somewhere suitableùsafeùto camp? Her indecision now was more legitimate than her earlier hesitation to voice an opinion, and had it been an option she would have requested they all just apparate (or side-along, for those who couldn't) home right now.

    "Perhaps we should keep goingùjust a bit longer?" she suggested, something of a happy medium. A lack of desire to go all the way back after having walked all day had been the deciding factor in her mind, and she would have hated to seem like a foolish schoolgirl in a desire to return to what was known, rather than pressing forward.

    Group #9 û 259 Words û Let's go!
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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    The past day had been pleasant. His exploration group had all but gone on a hike. If it where not for the Ministry owl that was brought with them, and the constant updates on the map from the other groups as well, the Auror would have sworn that he was leading a picnic trip. They had not even ran into a Bowtruckle in these woods. About mid-day one of the students stopped and decided to point out that the group had not seen to have encountered anything at all. With a sigh, Alexander turned around from the front of the group to sling his pack down and he used his wand to produce a large checkered picnic blanket. "Well, we have not traveled very far at all in retrospect, but i suppose we can at least have some lunch while we talk."

    Plopping himself on one of the corners, he pulled out the block of smoked cheddar he had and cut a few slices off with the tip of his wand. One of the many advantages he had as being part of the Ministry, Alexander had been able to get some of the better meats and cheeses for his group. Doing a few things around the office or already done. Favors existed every where in the Ministry, and Alexander was just glad that he did not have to do that out side of work as well. Aurors where respected, but not paid enough to be called upper class with out some family money as well. "So what do you suppose Archie. Shall we keep our students walking awhile yet?"
    [Image: alexandersig.png]
    (Coin flip = turn back)
    It's obvious that you have found, and will find, nothing headed in this direction. Your group decides to head back from where you started. By nightfall, you have made the treck back to Hogsmeade where you started, but the Ministry isn't happy. They let everyone return home for the evening to get some rest before they send your group back out in the morning. They are however, kind enough to refill your rations for you (including water) and remind you to write to them if anything interesting is discovered.

    Which direction do you choose?
    a. East slums
    b. South slums

    1. Pick a new direction

    Round 4 begins May 26th

    in the great wide somewhere

    Ugh. The beginning of their expedition had proved absolutely futile, and while Odira was pleased by the opportunity for a proper night's rest, she was more than a bit miffed that the group had to begin all over again. Was the Ministry so useless that they would not at least send a scout or two ahead to eliminate this problem?

    "Shall we go south, then?" she inquired, stifling a small yawn. She had failed to voice an opinion initially and that hadn't gone well; the sixth year had no intention of repeating that mistake once more.

    Group #9 û 96 Words û Round two?
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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    Well, at least they tried. Direction of their choosing wasn't good, so they had to come back to Hogsmeade. Displeasing the Ministry, in fact. But they refilled their equipment and ordered them to come back for their trip.
    "South sounds good, very good" Eric agreed with Odira, smiling to her. She was so smart and kind. Eric felt that she was a good person and to be honest - started to like her, because back in school he didn't have too many occasions to make friends with girls.
    You travel south through the forest for the rest of the day. It's cool and shaded, but because it is so thick with trees, maneuvering around them proves difficult. Finally in the early evening, you see mountains beginning to rise into the sky. The closer you get, the higher they become until you see that there are two different paths you can take. You could either try and climb the mountain, though it looks fairly steep. The other option is to go to the West to go around the mountain, or at least until you find an easier place to climb. Night will fall soon, so you'll need to find a comfortable place to camp as well.

    Which direction do you take?
    a. Climb the mountain
    b. Go around the mountain

    1. Make a decision

    Round 5 begins June 1st
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    Tag: Calliope Brown

    Outfit: A dark, casual day suit.

    Biting and scratching is Scots folk's wooing.
    Time and time again Archie had offered to haul, carry and assist whatever he could. He had the muscle and the background built for this kind of lifestyle and he'd actually been halfway to excited when he'd been recruited. His only concern had of course been his sons wellfare. James would be with his caretaker now, a woman he trusted with his life but as a father he couldn't help but worry. Plus, if something should happen to himself during this expedition then James would be orphaned and the very thought had been enough to make him queasy.

    He'd been glad to have another Auror with him, at least then he both knew someone and could depend on help keeping this little 'flock' safe. He hadn't exactly expected so many females to have been recruited but with the recruitment jaded they hadn't any choice. Some of them seemed capable enough and some of them seemed to need more help than not. Of course, he didn't mind so terribly - he'd rather help them than have them hurt themselves.

    "Mother of Merlin." Archie grunted to himself, up from the lead point. They'd decided which roads to take and what directions to follow but it seemed this last one had set them up for yet another decision. Caught between climbing up and over or going around, Archie ran a hand through the back of his hair and stared up, up, up at the looming climb they had above them....then back down to the ladies.

    If it were a squad of men, Archie would have been gun ho to climb that beast and see what lay out above but Archie had the women to think of - even if they wanted to climb, could he really let them take that sort of risk? Could he let himself for the sake of his son take that risk?

    "Och, well, we'll nae be goin' any farther without makin' a choice it seems." Archie said, turning back to face the bunch as they gathered, though his eyes gradually lead toward Dudley in the end. "There's two ways, ken? Up yonder mountain or down 'round side o' it. Ye mind the nights fallin' soon and we've camp to make still. The path 'round seems wisest to me, what do ye think?"


    TEMPLATE coded by EMILY

    in the great wide somewhere

    Finally, it seemed as if they were going somewhere! Though the journey was a bit tiring, Odira found that the change in scenery made it at least seem worthwhile, though the practical side of the sixth year doubted she would feel similarly in the weeks down the road. For now, however, the Ravenclaw was finding a strange sense of satisfaction in what little they had accomplished thus far, and did not feel at all out of sorts; much of the group, after all, were yearmates, and those that were not were like teachers, leading them off on some sort of excursion.

    The longer she could look at it that way, the better.

    That one of the aurors in their companyùMr. Fraser, whose Scottish accent was the strongest she had heard in some timeùseemed to think that going around the mountains was the best choice was a comfort to Odira, who, for all her wish for adventure, found the prospect of actually climbing the steep incline to be very daunting. "I think you are quite right, Mr. Fraser," the prefect agreed readily. "If only so that we do not have to sleep standing on some dire ledge!"

    template coded by always and forever of atf

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    Your group decides to camp and then go around the mountain the morning. You all are rather well rested, though thirsty. However, you are delayed by Viola suddenly taking ill. She has a high fever and you're forced to rest for a week and a half. Finally on June 1st, you fear that her dehydration has taken a turn for the worse. After she slips into unconsciousness, you send for the Ministry and she is taken home to receive medical care.

    When your group gathers to continue on, you can see that farther to the west is a mountain range that looks easy to climb, though it's covered in a thick forest terrain. Straight ahead of you is a much more difficult looking mountain range which is equally as steep as where you first encountered it, but you are near enough to it now to see that the peaks are covered in snow - which means fresh water for your thirsty party, if you can make it up, that is.

    Which do you choose?
    a. Easier mountains
    b. More difficult mountain

    Archie was supposed to go home last round, but I missed that he hadn't made 3 posts. Since he has a post now, he can continue on.

    If Alexander doesn't post in round 6, he will be injured and sent home.

    Round 6 begins June 4th

    in the great wide somewhere

    Viola taking ill had been quite a wake-up call to the Ravenclaw, and was the first time she had properly grasped the danger of the journey ahead. While Miss Prince had been sent home, in the end, a time might come when such an outcome would prove difficult, if not impossible, and Odira did not wish to be the ill one when that occurred. As such, the prefect began taking great pains to ensure her well-being, ensuring she stayed as warm and dry as her magic would enable while using the books she brought with her to discover which plants around them were of the greatest value to her health. When the group set off once more, the sixth year found herself more wary than ever of the challenges that lay ahead of them.

    As before, Odira found herself greatly preferring the easiest of the routes that lay before them, and did not hesitate in saying so. "I cannot speak for Miss Lovegood, of course, but I do not think myself suited for a particularly challenging climb. If you'll all agree, I should be quite greatful to take the easier route.[/list]

    template coded by always and forever of atf

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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